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shopper fits

It's BIG!

You can get a lot of shopping in here - it's got a 30 litre capacity!  That's equivalent to more than 36 pop cans, or the contents of 3 to 4 plastic bags. If that's not enough, you can always get another Kool Bag Shopper!                                                                      

Fits neatly in the PC® Green Box®

The Kool Bag™ Shopper is tailor made to fit inside the PC® Green Box® saving space at home or in the trunk of your car.

Also fits in the shopping baskets of most grocery stores.

Perfect Shopping Companion

Pack your purchases directly into The Kool Bag™ Shopper at checkout, and make sure your shopping gets home in good shape.

Long lasting insulation

Design features to keep the cool air in and warm air out.  Coated outer fabric, closed cell foam, welded lining seams and zipper lip rims, provide optimal insulation. 

shopper fits

It's strong!

The Kool Bag™ Shopper is constructed to carry heavy loads.  Specially selected hardwearing fabrics.  The handles are stitched into the base to provide extra carrying strength. The insulation foam is thicker than other cool bags. That's why we call it a Premium Quality cool bag.

Insulated cooler bag.  Ideal for Real Canadian Superstore and Loblaws shopping bins.  Fits Walmart shopping bins too!

Easy to clean

The Kool Bag™ Shopper is made in a tough polyester fabric exterior and a smooth polyethylene fabric interior lining with welded seams.  Wipe clean with a smooth cloth and warm soapy water.  Let it dry before putting away.

Double zipper puller

The high visibility double zipper pulls makes it easy to open and close.

Replace your plastic grocery bags with a Kool Bag Shopper and reduce your environmental footprint.

No more plastic bags

Grocery stores are eliminating plastic bags. The Kool Bag™ Shopper is the ideal replacement to carry fresh and frozen produce.

Imagine the difference you can make to our environment!

All good farmers recommend it!

Food safety is vital to the health of your family.  Farmers and grocery stores take great care to make sure that you get the freshest products from field to store.  But once their products have left the store, that chain is broken.  The Kool Bag™ Shopper helps your shopping stay fresh all the way to your fridge or freezer.

Kool Bag™ Shopper
shopper fits
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Great cool bag! I use it all the time to keep our shopping cool when we go to the cottage.

Cath H.

The Kool Bag is so handy and convenient. I just love mine. I use it for transporting groceries, for picnics and delivering goodies. It even saved my freezer items during a recent power outage!

Sue Ann W.

It's so convenient!

Angela O'D.

10% of profits donated to the Ottawa Food Bank

We support the Ottawa Food with donations Bank

PC® and Green Box® are trademarks of Loblaws Inc.

The Kool Bag Co. bear represents the spirit of our company.  Majestic, strong and resilient.  The ideal cooler bag to keep your shopping cool from store to your fridge or freezer.

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